Calculations are critical when it comes to successful indoor gardening. We aim to make things as simple as possible for all of our customer and even customers of our competitors. We continue to provide you with all the proper tools, equipment and knowledge to succeed in indoor gardening.

What's in the Calculator

» Wattage Calculator: Use this to determine the light wattage you will need for your size grow room.

» Parts Per Million Calculator: Use this calculator to determine accurate solution mixes.

» Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Calculator: Calculate how much CO2 will be needed to fill a grow room to the optimum level.

» Temperature Converter: Use this to easily convert between degrees Celcius and Fahrenheit.

» Air Exchange Calculator: Enter your grow room dimensions, and this will tell you how powerful of a fan you will need for optimum air flow.

» Estimated Cost Calculator: Predicts how much the cost for electricity will be monthly.