About Great Lakes Hydroponics Company

Many store owners in the business of Hydroponics are in it for one main reason, to make money. Their knowledge in Hydroponics and growing is like many other growers, learning as you go! At Great Lakes Hydroponics, we're different! Yes, we to want to make money but that is were the similarities end.

We want to serve the growing community and the growers within it in the way many other shops cannot. We believe that with proper foresight and taking the time to explain products and what the needs of growers truly are is a rarity.

We want to provide you with the right products not what you hear are the right products. If you are told the the right product cost $300.00 and we know you can achieve the same results with a $175.00 product, it is our job to tell you and we do. At Great Lakes Hydroponics Company, it is not about profits, is is about growers!

We also offer great prices, both at our retail and online stores, but it is everything else we do that will allow you to see we are simply a step above the others. Bottom line is we earn your business, we don't expect it.

Understanding Hydroponics

At Great Lakes Hydroponics Company not only do we understand hydroponics, we understand and know the products we sell. More importantly, we understand the differences you can expect, if any, between a $300.00 product and a $150.00 product. We understand the entire growing process and what it takes to have a successful harvest. We can also tell you why your harvest may not be as bountiful as other. At Great Lakes Hydroponics Company we share this information with our customers. This is just another way Great Lakes Hydroponics Company helps you succeed! 

Our Goals are Simple

Our standards are simple... help people within the growing community, provide excellent service, provide the products that people need to succeed at growing and to educate our customers. It is simple logic, you succeed... we succeed.